The Persecution of a Pioneer: “Mountain Man” Eustace Conway


I have no idea how “Mountain Man” Eustace Conway (FB Fan Page here) of Turtle Island Preserve has missed my radar, this man is living my dream! I stumbled upon Eustace Conway this morning after seeing a Daily Mail UK article about the predicament he is in with the local government beauracrats of Boone & Watauga Counties, North Carolina. It’s a real shame there is no Oath Keeping, Constitutional Sheriff’s down there like Richard Mack to come to the aid of Mr. Conway.

Eustace Conway, his 500 acre preserve and his consistent/ persistent volunteers have never had any issues with the local government in the last 26 years he’s been residing out in the mountains of North Carolina – until of course, he got his own TV Show. As of this writing,  we are still questioning the motives behind the employees of the “Planning and Inspection Department” and “Health Department Safety Specialist” who’ve harassed him over a mandate that his doghouse and outhouse meet a series of absurd regulatory codes. Of course that’s not their only gripes with Eustace, he didn’t get permission from those wise-overlords in the county to construct the buildings on the land that he owns. Eustace didn’t bother to get an arbitrary piece of paper granting him permission to do what he wishes to do with his own property.  It was his property, he owns the property, and was not infringing on anyone else’s life, so why should he need a bureaucrat’s permission slip? What Eustace wished to do was hand build a number of supporting structures on the land that he legally owns.

The initial contact was some time in June of 2012 which was during the heart of Season One. They called him up and said they wanted to visit his property.After coming out there and taking a look, they slammed him with a number of administrative “violations” which restricted Eustace’s ability to use his own property as he saw fit.This blog is not meant to be an entire recap of events since then, it’s about the events that happened, today, and how I/ we can help stand with Eustace.

When reading the article, I wasn’t surprised that government employees were harassing and threatening Eustace over trivialities which undermined Eustace’s right to dispose of his property as he chose to.I was reminded of a similar incident in about a resident in Virginia Beach with chickens in her backyard, facing criminal charges! We saw another example of something much, much similar to Eustace’s situation back in November of 2010, when a man named Dick Thompson was being harassed for “Living to Simply”.  The aggressive action taken by local governments against these peaceful individuals is the opposite of a benevolent government looking out for the needs of its “citizens.”  These harassments are merely the tip of the iceberg: government employees dictate to Americans what types of  light bulbs we can or can’t use, the same with toilets etc and outlaws peaceful behaviours such as the commerce of Raw Milk and Cannabis – between peaceful, consenting adults. Too add insult to injury, these decades old laws remain in effect, despite new research that proves THC not only cures certain cancers, but  inhibits cancer as well (along with the plethora of medicinal, industrial and nutritional value it as also). So what gives? Do we still believe the government keeps our “best interest” in mind?  Do we believe that government employees acting in the name of the people, as if 315 million agree on every particular issue, have a right to deprive the rest of the American population of the choice to

After reading the Daily Mail article about the situation I started YouTubing videos about Eustace and his Preserve. I quickly, very quickly realized how awesome of a person he is. Referred to as some by a living day Henry David Thoreau, or Daniel Boone, that certainly describes Eustace, from what I’ve learned about him over the last 12 hours. I quickly started sharing the article and letting people know to keep this story on their radar. “The Liberty Movement” is often known to come to the aid of fellow individuals who’s rights are being undermined by the thugs of government. I then called the Preserve and left a message for Eustace, not expecting he would actually get it, sure enough he called me back shortly later! We talked for about 56 minutes and I had a big old smile on my face the entire time. We talked about a wide range of things. I gave him my background in a nutshell, and told him I was eager to help out. I explained to him that I may have never seen that article, or heard about the situation if I had not been off of work today because of the weather – and I must say, I do not believe that was a coincidence.
He later told me in our conversation that he believed I was an “answered prayer” – that of course, was quite encouraging to hear.

Eustace explained to me what kind of help he was in need in, lots of computer and internet related help, as he told me he’s like a “cave man” when it comes to that stuff. Since getting out of the Army in 2009, I have done quite a bit of Social Media Marketing and Management for not only myself and the things I’m involved in, but for actual local and non-local businesses as well. I’ve developed a nitch for networking, organizing, facilitating and making things happen, especially when it comes to dealing with government beauracrats. Since I’ve gotten out of the Army, I’ve become activist, and advocate for Freedom and The Non-Aggression Principle. I have a huge network of like-minded folks, all the way from Oregeon to California &  Florida to Maine, seriously, and don’t leave out those amazing Free Staters in New Hampshire whom are consistently doing great things advancing the cause of Freedom in that state! My initial desire was to get down there as soon as next week, that’s how excited and eager I am to help out.

Unfortunately because of my own responsibilities here where I reside, I won’t be able to physically go down there, unless it’s on the weekends, or unless things with his situation get much more imminent. After concluding my exciting conversation with Eustace, I started getting to work online, before I knew it messages and phone calls were flowing in about the matter. Later that afternoon, I spoke with his lead volunteer staffer, Desere, the officer manager, among many other roles. Desere has been the one managing their Facebook Pages, to the best of her abilities – although it sounds like she’d much rather be outside getting her hands dirty and breaking a sweat.

Why do I want to help out these people I’ve never met? For several reasons actually and I’ll explain. For starters, if we the general public, does NOT only start utilizing their individual rights as well as defending them there will be little to no rights to fight for 20 years from now, when are children and grand children are young adolescents. Previous generations have already slipped into the coma called apathy, and the lies, distortions and manipulations of the media. The USA has become a bloated police and surveillance state, while both parties continue to vote away our freedoms and spend money faster than the Federal Reserve can print it out of thin air. It is literally “us vs them”, The State vs “the citizen”, but don’t call me that because I’m no-one’s slave or subject. Just to highlight two reasons, a second reason I’m eager to help out is due to the fact that, this man, these people, are living my dream!
It’s my goal to create enough wealth for me to purchase some land some day and self-sustain, homestead and live off the grid, maybe not to the primitive degree that is taking place on Turtle Island Preserve, but close to it!

I’ve been following pioneers like Will Powers of “Growing Power”, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, and others for several years now, and it’s my goal to mimic men like these, including Eustace one day. This will be my third year growing my own food, and I’m hoping to get a half dozen chickens or so this spring. I strongly believe in the principles this country was founded on, which was a free society, maximizing liberty, freedom of choice, etc. I strongly agree and respect Ron Paul’s answers in this video with Pete Eyre where they discuss things like Jury Nullification, civil disobedience, self-government and more. Paul says concerning self-government that he thinks it’s “Great, I’m fine with it, that’s really what my goal is… You know, if we had a libertarian society (free society), we would have no qualms with enclaves of people governing themselves how they choose” and he uses the Amish as one example.

So this is my beginning, in standing with Eustace and his volunteers & essetially the principles that I stand for and that the majority of the public stood for 150-200 years ago, which the tiredless minority are fighting for today. I hope you will join me in my efforts in standing for freedom, standing for peace, standing up for our neighbors and resisting tyranny, even when disguised  in suits toting badges and weaponry. If you want to help me and my efforts to help them, please contact me. If you want to help them, please email them at Without a doubt, please continue to raise awareness about this situation, as it seems like on a daily basis our freedoms our under attack from people who claim it’s for our own good.  Embrace Voluntaryism, The non-aggression principle and do all things in and with love.

Things YOU can immediately do to help:

  • Call, email, fax the local beauracrats whom are making the threats. POLITELY ask them to cease and desist in their threats to comply. Let them know the world is watching and they will be held accountable for their actions.
  • Consider making donations to Turtle Island Preserve. Eustace told me straight up he doesn’t like asking people from money, and because of that he has two small loans out to cover operation expenses. LETS CHANGE THAT and give him a surplus! He will likely also need money for a Legal Defense Fund, so please donate whatever you are able to!
  • SHARE SHARE SHARE – not only only this blog, but other articles about his situation. We need to get this story VIRAL! Tell your friends, neighbors and let the media know!
  • Consider chipping in for my gas and travel expenses as I plan to periodically make the 5 hour (one way) drive to the Preserve to help with things on the weekends
  • If you have a skill set that you’re willing to utilize, like myself, at a pro-bono rate, contact me or Desere (at the email address above).


Lastly, if you, like myself, have not been following Eustace Conway and the Turtle Island Preserve Get caught up to speed! Below are links to articles and videos:



  1. akathesob says:

    So typical of the neocons.

    • Frank says:

      This has nothing to do with neocons. This is about power hungry local bureaucrats and their obsession with what you and I do with our own property.

      • and you don’t think that most likely the reason they are picking on him is because he is different and not ‘toeing the line’?

      • Cherisse Costa says:

        Amen!!!! It drives me nuts! Bottom line… They want the property…. How dare they… They don’t want anyone living the “simple” life so to speak… Because they can’t collect taxes from someone who is doing everything themselves. Errrrr… “LAND OF THE FREE…” my Arss!

    • What a truly remarkable individual – it’s a pity he isn’t recognised as such by the authorities. He is doing a tremendous job teaching youngsters about life and they should be more about looking at ways to help him do that than being negative about his way of life. Yes, there are ‘Health and Safety’ regulations; but the problem with youngsters now is that because they aren’t exposed to any ‘risk’ when they do have to deal with a risky situation they don’t know how to react – because they haven’t learned themselves. This results in a society that is afraid to go outside their own back doors in case of harm. Is there a petition going around to help him at all?

  2. InalienableWrights says:

    Nothing new here. The authorities got my home 15 years ago. Now poetically the tax payer supports me….

  3. I love everything about this.. I’m passing this along :-)

  4. Cathy Dunn says:

    i would give anything to live the way this man is living,such a land of beauty.sure hope everything works out for him.

  5. DullHawk says:

    I first read Eustace’s story several years ago when someone loaned me a book about him. He assumed (correctly) that I would identify with the man.

    If I weren’t in horrible financial shape myself I would donate. But I will share this story.

  6. Gee, guy, get used to it. “We the people” lost our inalienable rights decades ago. Like any fascist society it was done one bit of legislation at a time. Now, of course, our civil servants are our civil masters. We never did have the revolution every 20 years that T.J. talked about. Bummer. Now the imperious government(s) own us. Unfortunately, many people like it that way. All hail the imperious government! (Dissenters will be shot.)

  7. Janet Rousch says:

    Hey Yaw! Leave the man alone. What goes around, comes around. AMEN.

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  10. Cherisse Costa says:

    All I can afford to do is pray for him & us like ‘em… I envy his strength… I hope I can find a way to help…

  11. Sharing and donating what little I can spare. Eustace…do not give up the fight! Love you man…melissa

  12. melissa7890 says:

    Shared with all my peeps – Lana Sutton of Greenway IV a Chattanooga sustainable group just posted with close to 1, 800 members…this is a Flood Call. The world is watching….

  13. Gary says:

    Nate, you would be more effective if you made an effort to clean up your grammar. Ask a friend to proofread. Otherwise, it suffers and comes off as just a rant.

    • mark says:

      A man is fighting the his rights and you want to nit pick a supporters grammar…thats kinda rude to me…Nate seems passionate and thats the most important part.

  14. Samantha says:

    Eustace’s court date is April 30, he is very grateful for our support. Please help fund his court costs!

  15. wayne grubbs says:

    It kind of seems like he wants something for nothing. He is always out for free labor, and someone to do all his hard work for him. Just saying!

  16. Becks D. says:

    “Eustace Conway, never had any issues with the local government in the last 26 years – until of course, he got his own TV Show”.

    Yeah… thats like saying,
    “Well you never charged me for selling pot BEFORE, until I walking into the police station lobby and did it in front of the desk officer”

    I PERSONALLY dont suppport ANY mandatory building codes / zoning, unless you are in a commercial enterprise. If the property is used for private RESIDENTIAL purposes a free citizen would have the right to choose how to live or to decide if its safe enough, or what they can afford.
    (the only operations that do not seem to have any problem ‘buying’ code/zoning approval are commercial hog farms that discharge massive amounts of waste and pollution, strip mining, fracking etc..)

    That all said,, If zoning/building permits continue to apply to all the rest of us, then Conway is not a special exception. He should not get a special exclusion from the laws, while everyone else is OK to suffer under them.

    Conway uses the property to mass log trees, not for personal use or his own lumber, but to sell the wood enmasse to rich local suburbanites to burn up in their decorative suburban fireplace.
    The Mountain supports Conway, Conway does not support the Mountain.

    Conway also uses the property as a business accepting the general public as customers, and thus is not simply a resident living as HE sees fit. He also has been very malicious and abusive toward the unpaid ‘labor’ on his show that are basically people with no place to go that he allows to live on his property.
    I saw him on that show taunting a homeless teen boy that he would kick him out, and belittling the boy constantly who was dependent on him. Not only was Conway exploiting this teen boy for free labor, but he was like a slave-driver boss who tormented the kid that he would be kicked out if he did not satisfy the labor demands of Conway..
    This is not a private person who is engaging in life on private property, and frankly, after seeing him mock this desperate kid he was exploiting on the show, I question whether his more severe crime is not in using homeless teens with no place to go as his own slave labor on that property.

    • terri says:

      Wow Dude ive read about conway & dont think ive missed any shows…what episode r u talking about…ive only seen an intelligent decent human being!

  17. shane says:

    my name is shane. i live in smith co. texas. ive just learned of the turtle island situation. i cant express how this situation upsets me! im a firm believer in the way of life at turle island. the man should be left to live as he sees fit! not how the government sees fit.i urge those of you keeping up with the situation that eustace conway is in to tell others about it. this is just the beginning of whats to come. the government would like nothing more than to eliminate private land ownership. it may sound paranoid but its happening all over the country! the government comes out every year with tougher requirements to be ag exempt. . basically without an ag exemption any decent size tract of land would fall under a tax rate to high to pay.! so when you cant pay the high taxes the government gets it!! call me paranoid. if you like but its coming!! heck its already happening. what the government is doing to eustace is just another way ” big brother” is flexing his muscle!! sorry for the long rant!!

  18. shane says:

    make up some t shirts that read , SAVE TURTLE I!SLAND. ill buy a few and wear them with pride

  19. Tangrene says:

    I’ve known of Eustace since the book The Last American Man” was published. When the Mountain Man show came on the first time I thought wow, that looks like the guy in that book I had on my shelve and I pulled it down. Sure enough…it was Eustace.

    My personal opinion is that someone, somewhere wants his land. There is a lot of development going on around his property. I bet there is some developer in the area that is encouraging some local government types to make life very difficult in whatever way they can. I don’t know much about taxes…but it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the county would get a whole lot more in taxes if the land was parceled and sold. Maybe some of you more local folks could look into that. I’m way too far to be able to go and look at the county records for that county. Just my 2 cents.

  20. larissa says:

    How do I get ahold of these people to ask them to stop their threats? Email? Number? How do I go about finding these people? I don’t have money right now as its going in to farm animals to help my family to become self reliant. My belief behind that is the more people that make their own food and don’t rely on government they will slowly begin to lose if no one is ying their stuff or paying them. I want to help somehow. So an email addy or a number to these people would be nice :) good luck to eustace really from the bottom of my heart.

  21. Victoria says:

    I live with a man who has had a plant nursery and landscaping business for 60 years. Recently the county has been coming to his property and harassing him! Their second visit there they ended up taking vehicles working equipment exit off his property bc they didn’t have license plates on them! They stole from him! They didn’t even warn him! They are telling him tht he can’t opperate his business bc he doesn’t meet their standards. It’s all about money! They have come many times and have taken his fire wood, gravel, and soil that he has been selling. That is how the man survives! They say he can’t sell those products bc they are not part of nursery and landscaping business. All the man is trying to do is make an honest living! He’s not out there ripping ppl off, selling drugs ect. I can absolutely relate with eustaces situation!

  22. Matt says:

    Are you people high? Perhaps you should do 30 seconds of research before supporting a pathological liar. Let’s recap, supposedly he owed 45k in taxes, he didn’t his property is tax exempt. He did however get sued for blinding some poor girl by hitting her in the eye during a sling presentation. After she sued in 2005 for medical bills Eustace settled and then never paid, so in 2012 she filled for breach of contract. In order to make Eustace’s character more sympathetic the show made up some story about back taxes and people like you believed it and sent tons of hate mail to Watauga county. The county was kind enough to give him tax exempt status and he repaid it with slander and a witch hunt, is it any surprise they retaliated? There are plenty of cases of government misuse of power and infringing on citizens rights this however isn’t one of them.

  23. wishin uknew says:

    So the 28 yr old Baker lady he blinded on his property who wanted 400 grand but settled for 85 out of eustace who didnt pay at all until they threatened his land had nothing to do with this ” hostile take over”? You gotta switch brands of weed before you get conned into another false pity party sir. Ps you seemed alot smarter than that from your propaganda skilled previous writing..what a waste

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