How to Help Eustace Conway and Turtle Island Preserve


Thanks to many of you amazing and beautiful individuals, we are rapidly raising more and more awareness about Eustace Conway and Turtle Island Preserve being attacked and threatened by local government busy-body beauracrats.

I am now volunteering and working very closely with Eustace and his volunteers down their at Turtle Island Preserve. I am going down there for my first initial visit to a accomplish a GREAT deal of things! In saying that, unfortunately do to my employment situation the last 6+ months, I will need financial assistance just to get down there. I don’t mind talking about this publicly. I’m 100% about transparency, honesty and accountability. For anyone who doubts me or wants to “Vet” me, I can give you ample amounts of solid references.

The financial assistance I will need, will really just be gas money. I haven’t even paid rent yet for March, along with other bills because quite simply I don’t have the money to pay for it yet. I recently got a Full Time job, (finally and thankfully) three weeks ago. So I’m in catch up mode. The trip is a little over 300 miles, approximately 5 hour drive. I will be leaving EARLY Thursday morning on the 28th for a long weekend down there at Turtle Island Preserve. I will need approximately $90-100 in gas (possibly a little more). It will take about a tank, maybe slightly more, each way. Below is a PayPal Button you can donate directly to me.

My goal is to raise enough financial support to keep me down there FULL-TIME the entire Spring, and possibly even summer. I can and will be most effective at the many things I will be doing if I’m on the ground with Eustace and his few volunteers. An enormous amount needs to be done, more to come on that later in this blog, but I am extremely confident we can be victorious in this battle! If you are interested in donating money to me personally to get me down there not only next weekend but to keep me down there full-time for the Spring and possibly Summer. PLEASE contact me, immediately on facebook

I hope each and every reader realizes, that this battle that Eustace is in, is a critical battle that has the potential to setting major precedents. This battle he is in with the government, over, simple, honest, peaceful and primitive living, intertwined with his educational school, teaching youth and adults how to live close to the earth, self-sustainable lives – is our roots! Eustace has been out in the woods, living peacefully for 26+ years. The very nature and purpose of his life is literally being attacked by the government, because of what he says, “The Egos of small men with limited vision.” If you’re just now hearing about the story, get caught up to speed here – and check out this recent interview here.

So, to the real meat of how to help Eustace Conway and Turtle Island. After having hours of conversations with him and his volunteers already, I have much information to put out.

For starters:

  • I need to get down there and Eustace wants me down there ASAP.  I unfortunately need financial assistance, as mentioned above, to do so.
  • Eustace Conway / Turtle Island Preserve needs your financial support. In case you don’t know Turtle Island is a Non-profit Organization. They need money for grants and scholarships to be able to provided to youth who need financial aid to attend the school/ camp. They need money for operational expenses, legal expenses and the list goes on. In the near future I will be creating a fundraising campaign, likely on IndieGoGo and give more details and the actual amount we need to try and raise. If you have the means to donate, please go here and donate (any amount is greatly appreciated and greatly helpful!)
  •  Whether this help comes from the actual financial aid OR from “in-kind donations”, meaning, donating resources, time, skill-sets, etc, They need:
  • at least one digital, portable, hand-held camera down there.
  • Graphic Design Artists
  • Cinematographers
  • Investigators
  • Legal Advice/ Help (preferably seasoned, experience civil rights attorneys/ organizations, such as The Rutherford Institute)
  • Skilled/ Seasoned “Freedom Activists”
  • Skilled Farm Help (rugged/ primitive conditions), includes volunteers, interns, etc
  • Fundraiser(s) for the Turtle Island Preserve
  • Marketing/ Branding help Turtle Island Preserve
  • Point of Contacts in the Media to reach out to to get more interviews
  • Honest, Trustworthy individuals who have the time and are able to commit to volunteering to assist in helping fight this winnable battle

I realize the economy is not great and people are broke, such as my self. So if you want to help but can’t help out monetarily, or even in “in-kind donations”, you can be extremely helpful just by sharing articles about what is going on, contacting the media, spreading the words locally in your own communities and on the internet in forums, social media platforms, etc. We need a small army of volunteers, so let’s make it happen!

It’s a short-term goal to have a few t-shirt designs made and then actually get the products ready to sell, or give away with donations. Please, by all means, if you are interested in attending his camps/ schools this spring and summer, check out their website, look at the details, if you need to make the phone call down there for additional details do so and consider attending his school! That obviously is another great way to support him. Additionally, a DVD featuring Eustace, called “Reconvergance” has just NEWLY BEEN RELEASED. The Film Maker is giving 50% of sales to Turtle Island Preserve! DVD’s are $20, consider purchasing one!



  1. Billy G says:

    So, this guy makes what from his History Channel show, $10,000 and episode, $20,000, $30,000 ? Plus royalties from the bestselling book written about him. And he needs our financial help why ?

  2. wow you are awesome. day 1, you find eustace conway in a google search for the first time. day 2, you speak with him on the radio show, day 3 you throw your life into standby to go down and help that man right away. do you still need money to get there?

  3. […] it’s kind of confusing what happened to him since he wrote this. He basically found out about Eustace on day 1, then day 2 he spoke with him on a radio show as a call in, and day 3 he threw his life into standby and decided to go down to visit him, that’s 300 miles! […]

  4. Jim BOB says:

    Wow like he doesn’t have enough trouble with the government already. Just like the old days with communes . Look out Eustace of strangers bearing gifts…

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